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Sam García
Sam García

Vigo, Spain

Web Designer, Front-end Developer & Zombie Killer. Sarcasm Specialist. Bad Jokes Authority. Head of Product @ emma.io

adobe photoshop, adobe xd, css, graphic design, html, icon design, icongraphy, ui, ux, web design, zombie killer

  1. ARDE - App Marketing Agency Website css3 flat design flat animation web design webdesign website fuego fire burnt burn arde
  2. ARDE - App Marketing Agency Logo marketing logotype logo design logo illustrator fuego fire burnt burn branding brand identity brand arde
  3. EMMA logo and isotype stats crown graph mountain isotype marketing automation emma logo
  4. Wedding Invitation print design illustration invitation wedding
  5. City Buildings Icons headquarters city building icon miami mexico london madrid barcelona vigo
  6. History Page animation history web
  7. Corporative Website web animation home
  8. More Business Sectors Icons industry medical icon flat factory pill scalpel smoke smokestack health care intravenous bag
  9. Pesca de Galicia: Fisheries Web web desing fisheries flat web pesca galicia fish
  10. I love Beethoven ultra-secret you-will-never-know
  11. Business Sectors Icons icon flat business doctor medical communication car cloud building money bank
  12. Engine Schema engine schema graph flat illustration long shadow
  13. Self Portrait selfportrait portrait flat illustration portfolio vector
  14. Long Shadow: The origin of the designer's hate designer long shadow beach long shadow no party
  15. Voice Maps Logo voice map navigation logo app vocal
  16. Brochure brochure interactive business skyscraper think build communicate
  17. Bus Service App galicia android holo app bus buscoruña car coruna coruña bus service
  18. Medical Icons flat medical icon doctor nurse user anatomy pharmacy supplies admission maintenance dietetics
  19. Home / Profile Selector (HMS) icon help design web website interface clean clinic doctor flat hospital profile home medical minimal nurse operation surgery ui web design profile selector management system operating room monitor
  20. Hospital Management System Login design web website interface flat hospital login clean minimal ui nurse doctor surgery operation medical clinic web design management system operating room
  21. App Icon Bus Coruña icon android ios bus vehicle car chrome window metal road app illustration app icon artwork details photoshop coruña galicia buscoruña coruna
  22. Head Logo (Making of) logo head vector circle making of
  23. Discount Coupon illustration discount coupon cut cut lines
  24. Logo de Vinos por Galicia logo vector corkscrew barnacle galicia wine
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